Renaldo Budirahardjo(1*), Septa Ananta Bobby Baskara(2),

(1) Universitas Katholik Soegijapranata Semarang
(2) Universitas Katholik Soegijapranata Semarang
(*) Corresponding Author


No country or organization can fully avoid the risk of fraud. The most common fraud in Indonesia is corruption. Corruption has become a culture that is very difficult to separate in every sector especially in the government sector. Sadly, many corruption cases involve regional leaders. Indirectly, the bad example or tone at the top of the leader is one of the causes of the culture of corruption still inherent in the government sector. Corruption in the government sector will certainly have an impact on the declining quality of public services in the community. Weak internal control systems, consisting of both hard control and soft control, in Government are one of the main factors that leads the leaders having the opportunity and motivation to commit corruption continuously. Within the Indonesian Government there isGovernment Internal Auditor (hereinafter referred to Aparat Pengawasan Intern Pemerintah / APIP). APIP is expected to be able to answer the need for the current audit profession. The new paradigm demands the role of APIP not only acting as a supervisor but also a controller. As a Controller, APIP plays a role in guiding and ensuring that all existing processes in government to achieve objectives have been implemented accountably and can minimize risks especially fraud risks by performing several roles such as consulting and assurance service to prevent, detect, and prove the occurrence of fraud through an active role in the whistleblowing system, risk-based audit,forensic audit and continuous audit. To support the role of APIP, it is necessary to strengthen the institutional, regulation and capabilitysectors so that APIP's role can be effective and maximal. If APIP's role is effective in establishing a good control system then the opportunities and wishes of a local leader in committingcorruption is also small so the leaders can provide good tone at the top for subordinates. Thus, it will be able to form a strong anti-corruption culture for any regional leaders. Therefore,the revitalization and strengthening of APIP can be used as a strategy in making anti-corruption system and culture in Indonesia

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